payroll Services

From payroll setup to reporting wages, we have you covered    


Let use help ease the payroll process for your business and take the hassle out of paying employees.                                

Payroll tax account setup and management

Initial setup of federal and state payroll tax accounts and management of these accounts so you remain in good standing with the government. 

employee paperwork management

Management of paperwork to ensure you are compliant with the government and withholding correct taxes.

pay Employees

Accurate and timely pay to your employees using our qualified payroll preparers.  Provide printed checks or send funds direct deposit.

Payroll Tax DEPOSIT

Calculate and schedule payroll taxes deposits.  Tracking of liability to the government to ensure they are paid timely and to safeguard you against costly tax penalties and interest.  


Preparation of required quarterly reports to the federal and state government.  Year end preparation of W2's for your employees and reporting of this to the government.










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    Balanced Bookkeeping and Payroll inc. Provides professional QuickBooks services. Our staff are Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisors. We specialize in working businesses, CPA's and individuals.


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